Manasseh Mmadu

Backend/Wannabe DevOps Engineer

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About Me

I'm Manasseh Mmadu, but I go by the alias MeNsaaH.

I starting coding in C, then to C++ where I built cli and GUI applications for fun. I moved on to PHP where I freelanced for about a year building applications from ground-up using PHP (no Frameworks)

I'm currently a Backend Developer who's been writing Python for about 3 years and building Backend technology using mostly (Requests, Django , Sanic, Aiohttp, Fast API, Flask). I have deep experience working with Django to build Web Applications which involve REST API and even Background process/Tasks Scheduling. I've also played with PyQt, building a class project (Lecturer Grading System) using it.

As A Wannabe DevOps Engineer I have experience integrating end-to-end CI\CD pipelines into projects. I have experience with DeVops tools like Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes and Prometheus.

I also write Golang, a language I added to my stack to be able to contribute and build devOps tools :).

Let's throw a little frontend around here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, I also write React (Gatsby Sometimes), React Native. I build to a specified mockUp as I don't really have eyes for good designs ).

I've played around with some Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Assembly Language as well.

I'm a huge fan of OpenSource. I try to contribute to awesome projects and have an opensource organisation I co-founded, Bisoncorps where we build opensource projects.



Backend Developer (Remote)

Maintenance and improvement of existing Django applications. Maintenance tasks ensured all applications have proper tests and also optimization of Django database queries. Creating background tasks using Celery for long running processes which revolved around executing Ansible Scripts for Infrastructure setups and generating Exports from data files (csv, json, xml) using Python.

Implementation of Mock-ups using Django Templates and ensuring Template re-usability. Upgrading projects from Django 1.11/Python2 to Django 2.0/Python 3.

Orchestrated CI pipeline using Gitlab-CI to run implemented tests and build projects before deployment.


Backend Deveoper (Student Intern)

Creation and Maintenance of existing Django applications. Used Celery task Queues with Django to run long running processes and bootstrap to design Templates.

Creation of SaaS application to autodeploy Dhis2 Servers using Ansible to automate infrastructure setup, Docker(Compose) for container orchestration, Celery for executing Ansible Scripts, Rabbit MQ as message queue for communication between Django and Celery Server, Caching using Memcache. Tasks also involved design of application mockups using Bootstrap.

Maintenance of PyQt5 projects which used requests to pull data from API endpoints.


Federal University of University

Jan 2014 - November 2019

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

Had some of the best classmates around where we learnt concepts of Computer Architecture, Data Structures and many computer related knowledges. Even worked on Arduino where we IoT devices, raspberry Pi, Assembly Language (: as well.

I was involved in a lot projects: part of a school research group where we focused on the advancement of SDNs and WSNs.

Graduated with First Class Honors

I was also part of the founders of the FUT Developers Circle. A developer community to mentor upcoming developers.



A SaaS application for automating the deployment process of Dhis2 instances on Servers. Tasks done involved creating a flexible architecture and database model and implemented them. Application was implemented using Django (Python), where deployment tasks were executed using Ansible, Docker and Celery in Background. I implemented templates using Bootstrap.

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Datakojo is a platform for conducting online surveys built using Django and Celery for background tasks.

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A Linux Package to detect and analyze existing connections from wifi and bluetooth created using Python. It also comes with a Gui Application

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Search Engine Parser

Package to query popular search engines and scrape for result titles, links and descriptions. Aims to scrape the widest range of search engines.

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